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Presenter tries to find Mr Right at huge hippy orgy [Zegg]

Presenter tries to find Mr Right at huge hippy orgy


Sep 28 2008
By Billy Sloan

SEXY Dawn Porter went around the world looking for her perfect
man...and ended up at a hippy orgy.

The 29-year-old presenter joined a weird German cult with a passion
for wild group sex as part of an investigation into how love works.

The bizarre scenes will be seen in Dawn Porter: Free Lover, a
documentary series for Channel Four.

Despite her adventures, Dawn, of Alexandria, in Dunbartonshire, is
still single.

In the four-part series, she explores the ways women set out to find
true love - including polygamy, mail order brides and Japanese geishas.

It was at German cult Zegg, a commune who advocate polyamory - having
sex with multiple partners - that she took part in the orgy.

Dawn said: "Zegg is an ecovillage where hippies practise free love.
They all have partners but also have lots of lovers. I joined in the
fun at one of their rituals - an oil session - where we all got
naked, were ladelled with hot sunflower oil and had a huge group massage.

"It was a really good physical experience but quite scary.

"It was like doing a bungee jump. Before it you're scared but it was
an exhilarating experience. It wasn't erotic at all and they didn't
try to persuade me to jump the final hurdle.

"I had my camera crew with me in the room so if it got to a point
where I felt sexually threatened I could leave.

"I also found free love is not free at all. Jealousy is inevitable.

"They all say they love each other and were saying they loved me
within three days. It was a bit of an eye opener."

Dawn went from one extreme to another as she travelled to Japan to
live with geishas, who have a strict no-sex rule.

She said: "Geishas are definitely not prostitutes. They entertain men
at parties - dance, sing, tell jokes and pour the drinks but sex is taboo.

"It would be the most sacrilegious thing for these women to have sex
with their clients, who are very powerful politicians or businessmen.

"Geishas are respected celebrities. They commit to a life of glamour
and art, it's the most incredible honour."

Dawn visited the Ukraine to examine the thriving mail order brides industry.

She said: "The calibre of men in the Ukraine is terrible. They're all
broke plumbers or alcoholics.

"Western men offer Ukrainian women a better life.

"It gave an insight into predatory males who'll happily pay Û5000 to
go to the other side of the world for a wife who may not even speak
their language. It was weird seeing guys battle with their ego and
pride - because they've admitted defeat with relationships - yet are
still trying to be real men.

"A few mail order marriages end in real happiness but not many."

After travelling the world studying true love, Dawn is no closer to
finding a perfect male.

She said: "I don't know why I've not found Mr Right. I'm always
dating, I just haven't fallen in love for a while.

"I've given myself a time limit. I'm 29 now and will start taking
relationships seriously from 32. Filming this series did make me
believe in true love.

"I realised emotionally I should not spread myself too thinly... and
hold out for my hero."

Dawn Porter: Free Lover, Tuesday, 10pm, Channel Four.



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