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Police officers told to zip lips on bombing

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Police officers told to zip lips on bombing

Phillip Matier,Andrew Ross
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The San Francisco Police Officers Association's leadership has been
told to muzzle it after signing a letter accusing onetime Weather
Underground radical Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, of
being behind the nearly 40-year-old bombing at a San Francisco police
station that killed a sergeant.

We hear that both U.S. Justice Department reps and Police Chief
Heather Fong put in calls to the union to find out just what they
were doing talking out of school about an active investigation that
may be ready to make a move soon in the 1970 bombing at Park Station.

The word was, button your lips.

Police Officers Association President Gary Delagnes confirmed that
his union got a call from federal investigators telling them they had
an "active investigation and should not be commenting on the case."

Delagnes said the letter was meant only to show support for the
family of the slain officer, Sgt. Brian McDonnell, and to help them
"bring closure to the case."

No one has ever been charged in the bombing, and Ayers said last week
he had nothing to do with it.



Obama's terrorist pals get away with murder? Literally?

San Francisco police told to shut up about it

March 23, 2009
By Wes Vernon

You are earnestly urged to believe that President Obama's Justice
Department is seriously investigating a 39-year-old murder case
involving his political friends and communist terrorists Bill Ayers
and his wife Bernadine Dorn. That assurance is given as justification
by Attorney General Eric Holder's agency to tell San Francisco police
officers (present and retired) to shut up because any day now, some
arrests are to be made in this "active" case.

Earlier this month, members of the San Francisco Police Officers
Association appeared at a news conference sponsored by America's
Survival, Inc., here in Washington to demand that FBI Director Robert
Mueller ­ who independently serves in his post until 2011 and does
not need to take orders from the Obama administration ­ pursue the
probe and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Apparently, the publicity hit a sore spot with the alleged
"investigators." The police officers group has been told to pipe
down. The union received calls from both Holder's agency and the San
Francisco police chief that (loosely interpreted by me) said, Oooops!
We know it's been a mere 39 years, but gee ­ you know, Rome wasn't
built in a day, give us time...Like another 40 years after we're all dead?

Some background

The case involves charges that the pro-communist Weather Underground
(through the bomb-making handiwork of Dohrn) placed a bomb at a San
Francisco police station ­ timed to detonate during a shift change so
as to kill or injure as many police officers as possible. The
explosion killed one officer and seriously injured several others.
The scene immediately afterward is described by former San Francisco
policeman James Pera as "like a war with wounded officers, blood,
shattered windows, damaged floors and ceilings." But then Pera adds,
"It was a war, an urban war being conducted by subversive and
murderous groups such as the Weather Underground."

Terrorists elude justice

You may wonder why these despicable animals ­ who hosted a reception
that launched President Obama's political career in the nineties ­
are still walking the streets, even though Ayers has publicly
proclaimed himself "guilty as hell, and free as a bird. America is a
great country."

Good question ­ here's the answer

They and their co-conspirators in the Weather Underground were
eventually hauled into court on charges dealing with their murderous
rampage in the late sixties and early seventies. Former FBI informant
Larry Grathwohl recalls that his role as an infiltrator ended after
blowing the whistle on Ayers and Dohrn in sworn testimony to several
grand juries and to the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, as
well as at the trial of W. Mark Felt and Robert S. Miller. Those two
FBI agents were charged with "improper acts" in the Weather Underground case.

If the name of the late Mark Felt rings a bell with you, he is the
man who turned out to be "Deep Throat" in the Watergate
investigation. He spilled the beans to reporters Woodward and
Bernstein about the cover-up not because he was inspired by a Boy
Scout "good government" crusade. He was simply in a snit because
Nixon did not appoint him FBI director when J. Edgar Hoover died.
That's it! That's how we got Jimmy Blunderbuss Carter in the White House.

But whatever one thinks of Nixon, he showed remarkable judgment in
passing over Felt as top cop. Felt and Miller booted the case against
the Weather Underground and thus Ayers and Dohrn got off scot free ­
not because they were innocent ­ but because of technicalities
involving Felt and Miller's antics. In the wolfpack hysteria of the
immediate post-Watergate era, Felt was convicted of violating the
civil rights of the terrorists. When Ronald Reagan became president,
he granted Felt a pardon. What else can you do but pity an FBI
Director-wannabe who missed his calling as Top Dog in the Keystone Cops?

What was the Weather Underground?

On those rare occasions when the mainstream media allow Americans to
focus on the past of Obama's pals Ayers and Dohrn, they quickly
spread the unvarnished hogwash that the Weather Underground was just
another anti-Vietnam War organization. That is a lie. Not a
distortion or disingenuous verbal acrobatics. It is a flat-out, pure,
prime, grade-A lie. And any supposedly knowledgeable person (and news
media people are supposed to know what they're talking about, no?)
who spreads the garbage that the Weather Underground people were poor
little flower children of the sixties is a liar of the
morning-noon-and-night variety ­ a liar from A to Z.

Herbert Romerstein ­ one of the world's most authoritative
intelligence professionals ­ presented thorough documentation on that
very point at ASI's March 12 news conference. The guts of
Romerstein's 52-page presentation is that the Weather Underground was
"not just a group of young anti-Vietnam activists who pulled some
pranks where no one was hurt or killed."

Romerstein goes on to say the Weather Underground in fact was "a
group of communists who wanted the Vietnamese Communists to defeat
the United States. They also engaged in terrorist acts often
including injury and sometimes murder."

OK, here's a little quiz

All those who believe the Obama administration's Justice Department
truly is ­ as claimed ­ pursuing, as an "active" case and a serious
investigation, the teleprompter president's old pals Ayers and Dohrn,
raise your hands.

All those who believe that those who would silence the police union
members are not making such "requests" so as to give them time to
perpetuate the cover-up, raise your hands.

OK, moving right along here: All those who do not take this "zip your
lips" plea as a hint that failure to shut up about the Weather
Underground case could prompt an invitation to follow the path trod
by the mysteriously dead Vince Foster, raise your hands.

And here's another one: Attorney General Eric Holder ­ rudely
eschewing the old admonition "Speak for yourself" ­ recently said
we're "a nation of cowards." All those who think Holder ­ who was
involved in Bill Clinton's last-minute pardon of members of the
Weather Underground and the FALN ­ will now muster the courage to
arrest and prosecute his current boss's political backers, raise your hands.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but all those who think Mr.
"Nation of Cowards" ­ who lacked the courage to resign and publicly
protest President Clinton's pardoning of criminals with whom he had
no known connection ­ is about to take a deep breath, count to ten,
and screw up the courage to collar the folks who gave his current
boss President Obama his political entree, let's see a show of hands.

Nobody raised a hand (outside the George Soros-funded Goebbels-like
propaganda machine, of course)? Gee, what a surprise.

The scene of the crime

Former police officer James Pera ­ 39 years later ­ describes in
vivid detail the scene at San Francisco's Park Police Station the day
of the bombing.

"Officer Jerry Doherty, a good friend of mine, who was a mentor and
later became my Lieutenant when I was a Sergeant, rushed to the aid
of Sergeant [Brian] McDonnell, ripped off his uniform shirt, and
applied pressure to the sergeant's neck wound, in an attempt to stop
the bleeding. Unfortunately, the sergeant died a couple of days
later, without regaining consciousness. He left a wife and two kids.
He was forty-five years old, his life snuffed out by the murderous
cowards of the Weather Underground."

Then this, again from Jim Pera: "Think about the ignorant and
clueless people who believe that just because this incident happened
thirty-nine years ago, we should just all move on and let the past
stay in the past. I've got news for them. The dead don't rise [and
move on]. They stay dead.

"Think about Sergeant McDonnell and all the murdered and maimed
victims of the Weather Underground, when you see the smug,
unrepentant face of the sniveling, gutter-crawling rat who goes by
the name of Professor Bill Ayers.

"Think about his loathsome wife, Bernadine Dohrn, who has been named
by former undercover informant Larry Grathwohl as the wretched human
scumbag who planted the bomb that killed Sergeant McDonnell.

"Think about how these two Marxist-Leninist traitors are allowed to
breathe the air of freedom, when they should be gasping on the
stagnant trenches of a prison cell or better yet, moldering in a
post-execution gravesite."

No justice, no peace

Cliff Kincaid, president of ASI, is distributing the petition to FBI
Director Mueller which you are invited to sign. It urges Mueller
(again, he doesn't need to take cover-up orders from Obama or Holder)
"that you and the FBI immediately open an investigation into the
evidence against Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn for the murder of
police officer Brian McDonnell." When you sign the petition, you can
mail it to:

FBI Director Robert Mueller, Federal Bureau of Investigation, J.
Edgar Hoover Building, 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C.

This column ­ even with all the competing demands of events and other
outrages ­ will return to this case periodically until such time as
justice is done. We ­ along with millions of other Americans ­ will
not shut up, and we strongly doubt that the San Francisco Police
Officers Association will either. We absolutely know that Cliff
Kincaid ­ who has put in hours of hard work in pursuit of this
investigation ­ will not shut up.

The (No Justice) Department says it is "actively" investigating.
Yeah, right. Who's doing the gumshoe work? ACORN? Mr. Magoo?


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