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How John Lennon killed Sharon Tate

How John Lennon killed Sharon Tate
(and other ideas for MSM narratives)

By Christian Hartsock
January 11, 2011

John Lennon murdered Sharon Tate. Jodie Foster shot Ronald Reagan.
Oliver Stone and Marilyn Manson caused Columbine. A dog ordered the
Son of Sam killings. And Fox News, the Tea Party and the American
right compelled Jared Loughner to shoot Gabrielle Giffords and 18
others in Tucson.

The only reason these parallels don't work is that while Charles
Manson did in fact draw inspiration from The White Album, John
Hinckley from Taxi Driver, Harris and Klebold from Natural Born
Killers and (somewhat debatably) Marilyn Manson, and David Berkowitz
from a Labrador retriever, there is no evidence Jared Loughner even
watched Fox News or leaned right. Inconveniently, a former friend and
bandmate described Loughner as "left-wing political radical" and
"quite liberal," and Loughner claimed The Communist Manifesto as one
of his favorite books ( on
his YouTube page where he also released video burning the American flag.

But when it comes to exploiting human tragedy to "pick a target,
freeze it, personalize it and polarize it" (in Saul Alinsky's words),
no facts will obstruct a perfectly salvageable mainstream media narrative.

Writing in The New York Times, Paul Krugman mouthwateringly jumped at
the bit to officialize the tragedy as a cue for "the GOP's leaders to
take a stand against the hate-mongers," giving dire caution over "the
rhetoric of Beck, Limbaugh, etc. and the violence I fear we're going
to see in the months and years ahead," and blaming a "climate of
hate." Jane Fonda blamed the tragedy on "violence-provoking rhetoric
of the Tea Party" ­ a movement whose standards of civility apparently
don't live up to those of the Viet Cong.

This "climate of hate" and "violence-provoking rhetoric" certainly
wouldn't include the congressional maps put out by the Democrat
Leadership Committee using actual shooting targets
(as opposed to the surveyor crosshairs used by SarahPAC), nor Barack
Obama's 2008 "if they bring a knife to a fight we bring a gun"
nor the environmentalist 10:10 "No Pressure" ad
featuring children being blown up for questioning green control
tactics, nor the West Hollywood display of Sarah Palin hanging from a
nor the feature film Death of a President fantasizing the
assassination of George W. Bush
(, nor Wanda Sykes giving
President Obama a good tickle by wishing kidney failure upon Rush
nor Bill Maher regretting that the terrorist assassination plot
against Dick Cheney didn't pan
out(,2933,256650,00.html), nor even the
gunshots fired into Republican Congressman Eric Cantor's office
during this past spring

Naturally, only conservatives are to blame for a violent act by an
apparent liberal. And instead of blaming Al Gore and the
environmental movement for James J. Lee, the man who held three
hostages at the Discovery Channel building with explosives attached
to him this past September and claimed An Inconvenient Truth as his
inspiration, we blamed one person: James J. Lee. For the same reason,
here is a list of people I blame for the Tucson shooting (forgive the brevity):

1) Jared Lee Loughner

2) See 1)

I have publicly criticized zealous, unguarded conservative tactics
before, such as in my piece Keep the Tea Kool-Aid Free
and been chastised for it. Nevertheless, sorry, but I will not blame
ignorant conservative tactics for this shooting by a described
left-wing radical. Nor will I ever blame a violent act on anyone save
the perpetrator. Tellingly, there has yet to be one conservative
commentator to exploit what we know of Loughner's leftist background
to fault leftism itself. I will not be the first do that anymore than
I will blame leftism for the shootings of Presidents James Garfield,
William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy ­ all of whom were shot by
left-wing radicals.

It is a shame that six innocent lives were taken in Tucson and
instead of being a nation in mourning we are perversely forced to
have a political debate. It is the same impulse which we see far too
often on the left that insatiably itches for division in America,
injecting political poison into apolitical or non-racial events to
resurrect factionalism in race, class and persuasion ­ be it the
Henry Louis Gates arrest, the Duke lacrosse "rape," Hurricane
Katrina, the SB1070 bill, the 2008 election, and endless other
instances. "Progressives" are now demanding that divisiveness be
toned down? Please, be my guests.

In Spike Lee's brilliant 1999 film Summer of Sam, a group of friends
begins to use the Son of Sam murders as a catharsis for their
internecine animosities towards one another to the extent of forming
lynch mobs. Perhaps there is an element of human nature that compels
many to react to a tragedy by spreading the blame around. But I have
a strange feeling we can do better.


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